Shri Salsar Balaji Mandir

Superb world famous hanuman shrine having round face with with moustache and beard . SALASAR balaji idol This magnificent temple resides on NH-65 near Sujangarh in Churu district, Rajasthan.
It is established in the middle of salasar town attracts millions of balaji devotees throughout every year . It is one of shakti peeth of lord hanuman. At Salasar Dham there are many well maintained Dharamshalas and few Hotels for accommodation.
The other major religious place nearby to it : Khatu shyam Temple and Rani Sati

Establishment of Salasar Dham :

The initial temple was constructed using mud-stone in 1754 by Mohandas Maharaj (A great devotee ) after getting inspired by the unusual appearance of Balaji in his dreams.

How Mandir Looks

The current shrine is made of bricks, stones, cement, lime mortar, and marble. The entire circulatory path, the Sabha Mandap (prayer hall) and the Sanctum Sanctorum is covered with artistic works of Gold and Silver. The walls of entrance hall , the doors and the utensils used in worshiping are made of pure silver. The main gate is made up of carving works of white marble. The temple shrine and the sanctum sanctorum are decorated with floral patterns and other kinds of mosaic works done in Gold and Silver to give the temple a rich look.

Legend behind on salasar dham

It is said that one day A Jat farmer of Asota village found 2 idols of Lord Hanuman covered with sand while ploughing at farm. He Showed his wife and after wiping they got the sight of lord hanuman having moustache and beard. This news of the appearance of Balaji spread in entire village Asota.

The Thakur of Asota also heard about this incarnation of idol . Balaji appeadrd in his dream and ordered him to send the idol to Salasar in the Churu district. Same night balaji again appeard in dreams of Mohandas Maharaj and told about the idol of asota and ordered him to built a temple . The idol was sent to Salasar and a dedicated temple was built with the help of Muslim craftsmen .The place was later developed by Sikar Jagirdar Rao Devi Singh . Later Balaji devotee Kaniram and Ishwardas developed and renovated the temple which took the present form of a large temple complex. The second idol is established 25 km far in paboladham (bharatgadh).
The temple is open to devotees from early morning 4:00 AM till 10:00 PM in the night. On special day hanuman jayanti or ram navami temple may be open for 24 hrs.

How to reach Salasar Temple.

Salasar Dham is well connected with regular bus service from all the nearby cites.
The salasar balaji temple resides jaipur Bikaner highway . jaipur is 160 km far . 57 kilometres from Sikar and 24 kilometers from Sujangarh.


Jaipur - Choumu - Ringas - Sikar - Salasar Balaji (approx. 160 kms.)
Time taken by taxi/ bus : 3.5 hrs
By Road :
Nearest railway stations are jaipur and sikar
By airway : nearest airport is jaipur .


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