Mahaveer Temple Patna

balaji temple patna


In Bihar state Mahaveer mandir patna is one of the well-known hanuman temple in north India .The temple resides near railway junction and everyday lot of devotee take the holy darshan of hanuman. Tuesday and Saturday are major days of him so number of devotee increase . It is also called wish fulfilling temple where lord hanuman easily listens voice of his devotees.

Two Idols of Lord hanuman :

Unlike other temples there are two idols in standing position of him so it is different hanuman mandir .

One idol for ParitraNaay SadhuNaam ( Noble and kind form of hanuman for his devotee) and Second Idol VinaasKaay Cha DustriTaam (devil and ghost hunter form ).

Where this temple is situated in Patna :

Mahaveer Mandir is resides near Patna railway station at north gate of departure gate .



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