Hanuman Garhi Ayodhya


hanuman dhara namisharnay

One of the splendid temple of lord shri mahaveer hanuman is resides and known as Shri Hanuman Garhi Naimisharanya. Naimisharanya is in Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh about 90 km far from Lucknow.
Another name of this temple is Hanuman Gadhi . This place also has a millstone to show perfect sun rise and sun set to devotees.
How Hanuman Idol Looks here : There is around 18 feet self manifested lord hanuman sidhuri idol in a colossal form. This idol also called Dakshineshwar Hanuman since it is facing on south direction .

Legend behind on this temple :

It is said that when lord hanuman saved the lives of Rama and lashmana from ahiraavan in paatal lok , they appeard first in Naimisharanya on earth .
Panch Pandavas sacred copse is also situated here.

How can reach Naimisharanya :

Major city Lucknow is well connected to other cities from train , air, bus ways and 90km far from this place so from there you can hire car, bus to reach that place.



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