Hanuman Jayanti Festival

Hanuman jayanti is very famous among devotee of lord bajalji due to birthday of ram bhakt hanuman ji .
Hauman ji is representation of enormous power and strength . He shows immortal devotion in the lotus feet of lord shri ram and called sankat mochak for his impossible work . this devotional process is considered to gain power and good luck in life .

Hanuman Jaynati Utsav

When it comes …

It is said that lord shri hanuman ji took birth on chaitra Shukla Purnima(full bright moon day ) in the lap of Mother Anjana and keshari was his father . he is also called son of wind (PawanPutra).
He is 11th rudra avatar ( incarnation) of lord shiva and took birth as Vanara god,

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What Devotee do on this day

At the day of Hanuman Jayanti celebration, all the Hanuman temples have great crowd as devotee started pooja from early morning after taking holy bath. Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

The devotees visit Hanuman temples and apply sindoor to his whole body as Hanuman himself having sidnuri color.
They offer Prasad including Laddus , Banana, Peddas ,Gud Channa to lord hanuman
They offer wreath of flowers and janew to him
They chant his mantra , hanuman chalisa and sudarkand in the revoke of his memories also at last performing his aarti .
They donate food cloth to needy and poors.
various shobhayatra is carried in the streets from hanuman temples .

Hanuman Jayanti Festival Date in Year 2020

Lord Hanuman ji birthday fesival – Hanuman Jayanti will be comes on 8 April 2020 Wednesday.

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